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Rangeview Tree Services has been delivering expert tree trimming services in Melbourne for over 15 years. We believe that scheduled tree trimming and pruning are essential parts of tree maintenance. Our professional arborists are licensed and fully insured to remove overgrown, diseased or dead branches. We also specialise in a range of other arborist services, such as tree removal, tree stump removal, plant management, and mulching.

Serving the City of Maroondah, Yarra Ranges Shire, City of Whitehorse, City of Manningham, and City of Knox, we can handle all kinds of tree trimming jobs. We use specialised equipment, appropriate safety gear, and industry best practices to ensure quality workmanship that leaves clients satisfied. Our company promises competitive pricing, timely project completion, and compliance with local council permit requirements. Contact us today for a free quote!

Tree Pruning

At Rangeview Tree Services, our team believe that pruning is an important part of maintaining the trees in your garden. Our friendly team is qualified and trained to remove overgrowth, diseased branches, and heavy limbs that risk falling. This promotes healthy growth and prevents the need for tree removal down the line.

When it comes to tree services like pruning, it’s crucial to get the job done by professional tree experts. Otherwise, you risk getting hurt or causing damage to your trees and/or property. During the job, our professional arborists carry comprehensive public liability coverage and take appropriate safety measures on the site to keep you and your property safe.

Pruning Services

There are different types of tree pruning services, and the type of service we recommend can depend on the shape, health condition, size, and species of your tree. At Rangeview Tree Services, our professional team offers the following range of quality trimming services.

Deadwooding Tree Services

In deadwooding, we completely remove dying branches from your trees. This is beneficial since it gets rid of extra weight that could be weighing down your tree. Not to mention, removing the branches and limbs stimulates further growth while leaving them could potentially attract pests down the line.

Crown and Canopy Thinning

In canopy thinning, we remove smaller branches of the tree so that the crown receives more light and circulation. It’s similar to crown thinning, except the outer branches are removed to reduce the overall size without affecting the tree’s natural shape.

Crown Canopy Lifting

We recommend crown canopy lifting for trees with overgrown lower limbs. It includes the removal of lower limbs to suppress their growth and give the tree a more compact look. It raises the crown above the ground and allows more clearance under the tree for vehicles and pedestrians. At the same time, it can continue to provide shade.

Arborist services

Crown Thinning

If you prefer the natural shape of your tree but are worried about it getting too heavy, we recommend a crown thinning job. In this service, our expert arborist selectively removes inner branches. This makes the crown thinner without changing its natural shape while allowing greater penetration of light and ventilation. Benefits include mould reduction and improved growth.

Tree Lopping

At Rangeview Tree Services, we use tree lopping to make significant changes to the tree’s shape. This is done to ensure safety and prevent the need for tree removal. Instead of removing a specific branch or limb, an expert tree lopper removes entire sections. We recommend it for overgrown trees that are entangled in power lines or growing too close to other buildings.

Shrub Trimming

When planted properly, shrubs can enhance your garden environment and improve curb appeal. But just like trees, they’re susceptible to overgrowth, which is why we offer a shrub trimming service at Rangeview Tree Services. It involves practices like the removal of diseased sections and pollarding, which helps restrict the height of a shrub.

Melbourne service areas

City of Maroondah

City of Maroondah

Yarra Ranges Shire

Yarra Ranges Shire

City of Whitehorse

City of Whitehorse

City of Manningham

City of Manningham

City of Knox

City of Knox

Frequently Asked Questions

How can tree pruning improve the health of my trees?

Pruning maintains the structure of your trees by removing falling branches and broken limbs. Otherwise, it could suffer from improper weight distribution, which increases the risk of damage later on. Moreover, pruning prevents diseases from spreading further and makes trees resilient against storm damage. This helps you avoid costly tree removal or tree stump removal.

How can I find out which trees need to be pruned?

There are a few signs that a tree needs pruning. These include dead or dying tree limbs, broken branches, and trees growing too close to power lines. Similarly, if a tree's overhanging branches are too close to ground level, it's time to call a pruning service. It's important to call a professional team instead of trying to prune the tree yourself. You could potentially hurt yourself or remove the wrong branches, which can do more harm than good.

How often should I get my trees pruned?

Pruning schedules can vary depending on the size, species, and health of the tree. For instance, a palm tree may need pruning 1-2 times each year, while younger gum trees don't need much pruning until they mature. To avoid over or under-pruning, it's best to consult expert arborists who are well-versed in trimming schedules and for trees of different sizes, ages, and species.

When is tree lopping needed?

We recommend a tree lopping job when you're dealing with heavy, overgrown branches that pose a safety hazard. If you don't want the tree removed, we cut off overgrown limbs to alter the shape of the tree and ensure the safety of your property. This is reserved for trees that haven't been trimmed properly, causing potentially dangerous overgrowth.

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