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When you require expert arborist consulting services or you are ready to take the next step in your tree removal in Ringwood, you can count on Rangeview Tree Services. Our owner Ben is a highly experienced and dedicated arborist in Ringwood, and he will be able to provide you with expert advice, before our tree removalists can take care of the rest. For an arborist report, or if you wish to speak to a professional about affordable Ringwood tree removal, simply contact our Rangeview Tree Services team today on 0403 221 493.


A report from a local arborist in Ringwood, is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to ensure you are looking after your tree in the best way possible. Alternatively, Ben (our arborist) can give you the best advice or recommendations on how to deal with any tree-related issues you have, as well as provide you with a professional arborist report.

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Because Rangeview Tree Services is owned and operated by a highly skilled arborist, you can rest assured that when you need an arborist report to go ahead with your development planning permit or for tree removal in Ringwood, Rangeview Tree Services will streamline the whole process for you. From the arborist report and tree risk assessments, right through to taking care of any Ringwood tree removal, our crew has the qualifications and expertise to remove trees safely and efficiently. No matter your tree needs, contact us today for an obligation-free quote.


What is the difference between a tree inspection and an arborist report?

A tree inspection provides you with a general tree examination. A tree inspector will be able to tell you if your tree has any weakened limbs that might come down in a storm, areas of the tree that are diseased which could cause it to die, and they can note if your branches are too heavy and could fall causing harm to people or damaging the property. After your tree inspection, you may be given recommendations on how to avoid such risks and how to care for your tree.

An arborist report is required when you need official documentation to apply for tree removal permits, or any other council applications for building or developments that involve trees. Not having an arborist report and getting a permit, could have ramifications such as hefty fines or being taken to court. If you’re unsure if you require a general tree inspection or an arborist in Ringwood, then simply ask our Rangeview Tree Services team, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

How will I know if I need tree removal in Ringwood?

At Rangeview Tree Service, we may suggest tree removal in Ringwood, if:

  • Your tree (or more than one tree) is dying and likely beyond help, is dead already, or is considered a risk
  • If pruning or lopping parts of the tree is impossible
  • You need to remove the tree completely for construction or development purposes

What other services does the team Rangeview Tree Services provide?

We provide a range of tree services, including tree pruning, tree shaping, stump removal, hedge trimming, tree bracing and cabling, emergency tree services, and more. We can take care of just about any type of tree, and no job is too big or difficult for our highly skilled team. So, the next time you need help or advice regarding your trees, you can count on us to take care of it all in addition to Ringwood tree removal.