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At Rangeview Tree Services, we have 15 years of first-hand experience in seeing how tree-related emergencies can occur at any time. We specialise in providing emergency tree services across the City of Maroondah, Yarra Ranges Shire, City of Whitehorse, City of Manningham, and City of Knox. These include emergency tree removal, as well as the removal of large tree limbs that pose a safety hazard.

Our tree company is licensed and insured to provide emergency tree work and operate as a first-response team. We also offer other services like arborist reports and consulting to ensure the health of your trees. We’re prepared with appropriate tools and equipment to clear paths trees have blocked and address storm damage to reduce the risk of safety hazards. If you’re dealing with a tree-related emergency situation, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.

Emergency Tree Services

At Rangeview Tree Services, our qualified arborists provide numerous services in response to an emergency situation. To help you safely resume your daily routine, we make sure to get the job done on time, offering same-day emergency services in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We work fast to clear away fallen trees and branches that have blocked roads, pathways, streets, and highways so you can go where you’re needed the most.

Tree Emergency Response

If you’re dealing with a tree emergency, we advise against waiting it out. You should call professional arborist services for a prompt response. Otherwise, you risk a tree or heavy branch falling and causing further damage.

If you’re worried about the cost of hiring an emergency tree removal service, keep in mind that your insurance company could cover the cost of removing the tree if it damaged your vehicle or property. Just make sure to check your policy first or consult your insurance provider.

Hazardous Removal

Our tree company provides emergency and hazardous tree removal to keep clients’ properties secure from the risk of falling trees. A hazardous tree can include any tree with a defect or disease that causes structural defects. These factors can compromise the safety of your property.

We recommend calling a professional to assess the tree’s condition and determine if it can be classified as hazardous. In that case, we provide recommendations for appropriate solutions, including emergency tree removal. Rest assured that our arborists get the job done in compliance with local council safety codes and permit requirements.

Fallen Tree Removal

Diseased, dead, or dying trees are susceptible to snapping and falling. Fallen trees not only cause damage to your property, they pose a danger to your well-being and can block roads as well. We offer efficient fallen tree removal to keep your community safe and protect your property. Our emergency tree service meets compliance requirements set by local councils.

Arborist services

Storm damage removal Ringwood

Storm DamageTree Service

We understand the impact that high winds, lightning, and heavy rain can have on trees and the rest of your yard. Strong winds can cause branches and limbs to fall off, wreaking havoc in your yard. At Rangeview Tree Services, we provide an efficient clean-up service designed to handle the aftermath of a storm. We clear away debris, broken tree branches, and fallen trees, leaving the site looking better than before.

If you’re concerned that damage from the storm has caused a limb or two to break and that this could affect nearby structures like power lines, we can help. We efficiently remove damaged sections to eliminate the threat of large branches or limbs falling on your house.

Melbourne service areas

City of Maroondah

City of Maroondah

Yarra Ranges Shire

Yarra Ranges Shire

City of Whitehorse

City of Whitehorse

City of Manningham

City of Manningham

City of Knox

City of Knox

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide hazardous removal and fallen tree removal?

Yes, we offer the removal of both hazardous trees and fallen trees as part of our tree emergency services. A hazardous tree is one with a structural defect or combination of defects that could potentially lead to property damage or injury. Meanwhile, fallen tree removal is available to clear away fallen trees, whether they're obstructing streets or have fallen in your garden.

Should I call a professional for storm damage tree removal?

Yes, it's recommended that you choose licensed professional services to handle emergency tree removal during storms. Certified arborists are both qualified and have access to the right tools, equipment, and vehicles to promptly remove trees that have been damaged because of storms.

Should I call an emergency tree service for broken tree branches?

If one or more large branches have broken and are at risk of falling, you should call for emergency tree services. That's because a large tree branch can cause significant damage if it falls on your property.

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