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At Rangeview Tree Services, we provide a range of solutions to overhaul the health of your trees, and can take care of any upkeep such as branch removal and whole tree removal in Croydon and surrounding areas. Our owner Ben is qualified as an arborist, and he is able to provide specialist arborist and tree consultation. For an obligation free quote on any of our services, call us today on 0403 221 493. Whether you are a residential, commercial, or industrial property owner, we look forward to assisting you with any tree concerns, and we can also help with tree maintenance services including tree lopping in Croydon.


An expert in the area of tree health, Ben has been the first choice in arborist for Croydon locals, for many years. Ben can provide advice on all types of trees, and the very best way to care for them and also the best way to treat a sick or diseased tree. Rangeview Tree Services provides a wide range of arborist services, including:

  • Advising you on the right trees to plant by considering species, location, the care and maintenance that will be required for particular trees
  • Investigating the health and condition of the trees that you have on your property, and the necessary treatments that will help it to grow better or remain healthy
  • Diagnosing and treating diseases and pests, as well as giving advice on the correct insecticides and fertilisers to use on particular tree species
  • Pruning or reducing the size of trees with tree lopping in Croydon
  • Providing tree removal on Croydon properties if the tree is a hazard
  • Stump removal

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As a highly experienced arborist, Ben is able to provide you with an arborist report, which will identify any possible risk to do with your tree, from the health of the tree itself, to possible safety hazards. Sometimes the only option may be tree removal at your Croydon property. This may sound like a lot of work, however, you don’t need to organise this separately. Ben has his expert team of tree removalists on hand to take care of any Croydon tree removal. They will be able to come to your property, remove any offending trees, and they will do this without damaging your property or leaving a mess behind. See for yourself why more locals choose Rangeview Tree Services for their Croydon tree removal.


How do I know if construction or other types of projects will impact trees on a private or publicly owned property?

It’s important to understand that native trees and vegetation are protected under Victorian Planning Provisions, and some non-native trees may also be protected. This is why it’s vital that you consider trees and any tree protection before you undertake a development that may affect trees in the area, or you start removing a tree just because you want it gone. To avoid possible infringements, you must get an arborist report done.

What is an arborist report?

Before a tree can be removed, or if you are planning works within 15 metres of a tree that may result in the need of tree lopping at a Croydon property, or the destruction or removal of a tree that is protected, the owner of the property needs to get a tree removal permit from the local council. Before the council can make their decision, they rely on a professional tree inspection and report by an arborist. The arborist report is a detailed document that outlines the type of tree and its size, the health or condition of the tree, the life expectancy of that tree, and hazards or risks associated with the tree.

What happens if I remove a tree without a permit?

If a tree is removed, damaged, killed or destroyed without a permit, you may be liable and issued a fine, or the council may seek a conviction and more substantial fine through a legal court. Remember, trees are a vital part of our natural environment, so to avoid any negative impact on you, always contact the Council prior to discuss what approvals are required. Even if you are not set on tree removal at your Croydon property or development site, there are other things that can impact a tree. If you’re ever in doubt, it is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you always contact our professional arborist in Croydon first!