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Here at Rangeview Tree Services, we are proud to be the professionals for tree removal in Box Hill and surrounding suburbs. Headed up by our owner Ben who is a fully qualified arborist, we offer sound and accurate advice across every aspect of trees. We are only a phone call away, so contact us today on 0403 221 493 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with an obligation free quote for any tree project, including tree removal across Box Hill.


Having served countless private residential and commercial owners, insurance companies, private and state schools, property managers, body corporates and more, Rangeview Tree Services is the tree company of choice for tree removals and other tree services. Because Ben has a broad knowledge of tree biology and tree species, he will know the correct sections and cuts that will need to be done to ensure the survival of the tree and the safety of your property, or he can take care of tree removal when it’s needed.

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Did you know that ignoring the health of your trees can have major consequences? That’s why it’s important to speak with a trusted arborist in Box Hill. Ben has dedicated his career to the care of trees, and he has extensive knowledge of trees and their needs, and how best to manage the overall health and wellness of the trees on your property. He’ll do what he can to get your tree hardy again, but if it can’t be saved because it’s rotting, diseased, or dead, his team at Rangeview Tree Services can take care of any tree removal needs. And because we have plenty of experience with tree removal around Box Hill, you can rest assured that we will take the utmost care when removing trees from your property.


How do I know if my tree needs to be removed?

The most common or telling signs that your tree needs removing, include:

  • No longer growing leaves
  • Dropping branches or limbs
  • You see clearly damaged, diseased, dying, or dead tree limbs
  • Roots are causing damage below or above ground damage to your property
  • Growing too close to a building or structure
  • The tree is leaning or a danger

If you see any of these signs or you’re simply not sure if there is a bigger problem, a professional arborist in Box Hill will be able to come and evaluate the situation.

Why is good tree pruning so important?

An arborist is the best person to prune your tree. You can think of pruning like a haircut for trees. When an arborist prunes trees, they are looking to remove diseased or dead branches, prune branches back so they grow better, help to make trees look more appealing, and reduce the number of branches so the tree canopy isn’t too heavy. Pruning also reduces the risk of branches coming down in storms or because the branches have weakened. If a tree isn’t pruned properly, it can create a safety hazard or it could ruin the shape of the tree permanently.

What other advice can I get about trees from your arborist in Box Hill?

Arborists are experts in all things trees and offer consulting services and prepare arborist reports. We can give you advice on:

  • Selecting the right trees for your property
  • How to maximise the health of trees
  • Care and restoration of trees
  • Diagnosing and treating diseases and pests
  • Safety audits, general hazard identification, and regulation compliance
  • How to make a tree more aesthetically pleasing and well structured
  • How different trees will react to pruning, and pruning in a way to ensure they grow into healthy and mature trees
  • Tree trimming, cutting, lopping, and stump grinding/removal
  • Ensuring trees are protected during any development or construction projects
  • Providing tree removal in Box Hill if necessary