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When you require tree services such as tree removal in Boronia, our team here at Rangeview Tree Services can assist you. We possess a high level of expertise in the industry, with a key focus on safety and providing a professional service every time. We care about your trees and the area they are grown on, which is why we provide you with the right advice and practices to ensure your trees look their best, are healthy, and that the work we do will minimise the risk that your tree/trees will cause damage on your property. We will also take care of every aspect to do with your tree services in Boronia. From our first inspection to cleaning up after the work is done, if you require assistance or advice on a tree project, then please contact us on 0403 221 493 and we can also provide you with an obligation free quote.


We are proud to be a family run business, and Ben, the owner of Rangeview Tree Services, is a fully qualified tree arborist. He’s been providing a full range of tree services about Boronia and right across greater Melbourne, for over 10 years. He loves his work and has provided arborist services and tree removal in Boronia to a wide range of clients including home and business owners, schools and government organisations, property managers and body corporates, even insurance companies choose us to take care of their trees.

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Our dedicated arborists and tree removal experts can also deal with a range of tree issues including tree rot, leaning trees, dead trees, split trees, and more. You will also find that with Rangeview Tree Services, you will work with one of our specialists from the start to end of the project.


What is an arborist?

An arborist specialises in the care of trees. You could say that our Rangeview Tree Services arborist Ben, is like a doctor for trees. Ben has exceptional knowledge when it comes to the needs of trees, and he’s been specifically trained to provide you with advice on how to care for trees and shrubbery and what actions are most appropriate for their care and management. These actions could include lopping, shaping, treating trees, and removing dead limbs or whole trees when it’s necessary. The next time you have a tree issue, or problem related to any kind of woody plant, shrub or bush, arborist Ben will know exactly what to do.

What can I expect from tree removal in Boronia?

When you first contact us, we can come to you, take a look at the situation, and provide you with an obligation free quote. Ben will examine your particular tree or the trees across your property in order to assess their condition and determine the best treatment option. The options could range from:

  • Simply pruning or shaping
  • Lopping tree branches or limbs to prevent dropping
  • Installing support or protection devices for tree limbs or trunks
  • Felling trees if they are too diseased

Why choose Rangeview Tree Services?

Firstly, we should mention that our quotes across all our tree services are highly competitive. Secondly, it’s important to choose a tree removal company that has qualified and experienced arborists, this will ensure that you get only the best advice every time. If you don’t choose the right company for your tree removal in Boronia, then unfortunately you could end up facing much bigger problems like your tree coming down and damaging your home, and we know you don’t want that! You will find that proper tree care is a fantastic investment, and our tree services in Boronia will help you to enjoy the trees in your garden now, and for many years to come.