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Rangeview Tree Services

Tree Care Service

At Rangeview Tree Services, we’ve been providing quality tree care services across the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for over 15 years. Over the years, we’ve helped numerous property managers and owners based in the City of Maroondah, Yarra Ranges Shire, City of Whitehorse, City of Manningham, and City of Knox.

Our team of qualified arborists is fully insured and licensed as per Australian standards. And no matter the size or scale of the job, we take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of you and your property, as well as our crew.

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Arborist and Tree Surgeon Services

At Rangeview Tree Services, we have plenty of experience in providing professional tree care services, including arborist consulting and providing detailed reports. From tree selection for commercial properties to vegetation management for residential clients, we’ve done it all. We make sure to get the job done on time, provide competitive prices, and offer post-job waste cleanup.

Arborist Consulting

If your trees don’t appear as vibrant as they used to be, we provide reliable arborist consulting services that can help. Our professional team can assess the health of your trees and surrounding environment to recommend appropriate care strategies.

Tree Care

Whether you’ve moved to a new property or are considering a new landscaping project, our tree care service can help you get a fresh start.

Tree Planting

We’ve helped many customers, including home and business owners, choose the right trees for their properties. Our experienced arborists carefully select species that can thrive in local conditions and are resilient to common pests and diseases.

We also assess the soil, available space, and weather conditions before preparing the area to plant trees. Rest assured that we employ effective techniques to plant your trees so they can grow and thrive.

Tree Preservation

Some species of trees require the implementation of effective preservation techniques to prevent damage from the elements. Our tree preservation process includes diagnosing possible conditions, pruning, and applying appropriate techniques to improve your trees’ resistance to damage.

Tree Maintenance Services

Tree cutting and maintenance Ringwood

Tree Health

At Rangeview Tree Services, we emphasize tree health as an important factor in creating a vibrant landscape. Thanks to years of experience, our arborists have extensive knowledge regarding industry best practices on maintaining tree health. This includes using the right fertiliser and mulching the soil.

Tree Risk Assessment

Trees play an important role in habitat creation and providing shade, but they can also cause damage and injury. If you’re worried that your trees pose a potential safety hazard, we recommend calling a qualified arborist to perform an on-site assessment.

Melbourne service areas

City of Maroondah

City of Maroondah

Yarra Ranges Shire

Yarra Ranges Shire

City of Whitehorse

City of Whitehorse

City of Manningham

City of Manningham

City of Knox

City of Knox

Frequently Asked Questions

How does vegetation management benefit trees in Melbourne?

Vegetation management jobs involve removing unwanted vegetation, which can reduce the risks of wildfires and pest infestations. It also creates a more sustainable ecosystem for trees, especially those that are endangered or threatened species.

Do your tree services include pest and tree disease management?

Yes, we can provide pest and disease management as part of our tree care service. We'll arrive on-site and evaluate your trees, as well as their surrounding environment. If we detect signs of disease or pests, we recommend appropriate strategies to clients depending on the size or scale of the problem.

What services do your professional arborists provide in Melbourne?

Our tree care business offers on-site risk assessments, consulting, and tree management services for residential and commercial property. We also offer tree surgery, such as tree removal and pruning.

How often should tree risk assessments be done?

Regular assessments should be conducted, especially after severe weather events or if you notice any changes in the tree's condition. Annual evaluations are generally recommended.

What should I expect during a tree surgeon's visit?

Our tree surgeon will evaluate the condition of your trees, discuss any issues or risks, and recommend appropriate services such as pruning, treatment, or removal.

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